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Re: taming a scared lovebird

Posted by Gabie on 12/08/06
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    On 12/08/06, Miss T wrote:
    > Hi All,
    > I was given a one year old black capped lovebird about 3
    > months ago. I think it's a boy. He is kind of scared of
    > people near his cage and definately won't let anyone put
    > their hands near him. I don't know if he was abused or
    > not...maybe he needs an older bird to show him people are
    > ok? I want him to trust us and really I'd like to let him
    > out of the cage for excesize...just not sure how to get
    > him back in after without stressing him or getting bit.
    > Should I just leave him in it? How can I get him to be
    > less scared? Does anyone have any advice?

    I assume they just didn't handle him that much. It's better to
    handle a bird that's a baby so that it gets use to you. Start
    off by clipping it's wings and every day take him out of his
    cage. Grabe him from the back and hold him close using your
    one hand to hold him from under and the other from over him.
    He can't get roudy if he has no space to move. Also..if he
    seems to freak out while holding him cover him with your hand
    and make it dark so that it will calm down. you can also pet
    him with your time goes buy..He'll learn to just
    sit on your hand while you pet him. He will also learn that
    your hands are not there to hurt him.