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Re: black cheek lovebird breeding/Beth Holmes

Posted by Danny on 3/27/07
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    On 12/21/06, Kel wrote:
    > On 12/21/06, beth Holmes wrote:
    >> hi. i've bred peach faced lovebirds for years but recently
    >> have encountered a black cheek lovebird very cheaply. i am
    >> aware that they are rare but am curious as to what i can
    >> breed it with. only other black cheeks? other eye ring
    >> species? a peach face? thanks.
    > Beth,
    > Here is a website with lots of information. Hope this helps.
    > Kel

    Please only breed it to another blackcheek if you have a true
    blackcheek. Compare it to my picture here to see if they look
    the same. If you can, post a pic to see him. These birds are
    rare and should not ever be crossbreed to any other species.
    You can contact me if you
    have any questions.