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Posted by Jo-Ann on 2/10/07
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    I never had hatchlings to deal with, but from what I've read
    I would think that the parents are much too young to have
    babies if they are in fact only 8 months old. So, the
    nipping is probably inexperience from the birds point.

    I would keep the baby away from the nippy parent, if that's
    not possible then keep the baby away from both parents and
    feed the baby myself.

    I'm sure people with experience will post a message - like I
    mentioned this is what I would do based on the material I've
    read about rearing baby birds.

    Good luck!

    On 2/10/07, Cheryl Westervelt wrote:
    > My new 8 month old lovebird couple laid eggs about 8 wks
    > ago. Only one hatchling survived, it's about 6 wks old
    > now. I haven't been able to develop a relationship with
    > it's parents but I have started to with the baby. Anyway,
    > about 2 wks ago I placed the hatchling in it's own open
    > cage that is within the much larger parent lovebirds
    > cage. All seemed to be going well until a few days ago
    > when I noticed both parents visiting the hatchling. One
    > seems to feed the hatchling, however the other seemed to
    > be nipping at the hatchling's body seemingly CAUSING IT
    > PAIN (a distinct difference in the sound of its chirps
    > from gentle when it's being fed, to frantic when it's
    > being nipped at. Today, I noticed around the hatchling's
    > neck seemed raw and also a new feather was plucked out
    > from it. The the nipping behavior normal! Please HELP!