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Re: i need some help

Posted by tina on 4/12/07
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    On 2/15/07, Fran wrote:
    > On 2/14/07, cait wrote:
    >> i have a lovebird thats been alone for about 4 years he
    >> never had a mate but could i get a female for him or would
    >> he try to hurt her if i put them together i am new to the
    >> bird rasing but find a intrest in it so could somebody
    >> help?
    > If your lovebird is tame and human imprinted you should not
    > get him a mate. How do you know you have a male? How do you
    > know that you would be buying a female?
    > Do you have an area to quarantine a new bird in for at least
    > 60 days? Do you have an extra cage or the money to purchase
    > one to let your birds sit beside each other in separate
    > cages for up to a couple of months before you introduce them
    > in the same cage? Do you have the resources for vet care, do
    > you know how to hand feed the babies? And most importantly
    > do you know that you have good homes for the babies if you
    > ever produce any?
    > Maybe you could quench your interest in bird raising by
    > voluntering some time at a local rescue or sanctuary.