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Post: What Mutations are These??

Posted by Maria on 3/09/07

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    I have teo Peach-Faced Lovebirds that are yellow...

    One is bright yello with a lime green sheen (irridescence)
    and a bright blue rump. She has light olive/grey flight

    The other is a dark but dull yellow, with a light slatish
    blue rump, but it's more blue then grey. There are no
    green undertones to the feathers excpt where the back and
    rump colors meet. His flight are light yellowish grey.
    His tails is not as definitively marked, and the darkish
    black lign that is on a normal peach faced tail, his is
    purplish-brown and the colrs all seem to meld together
    wihtout must definition.

    They both have dark red eyes and pink feet and nails.
    Thir faced are pink. The firsts ones is bright pink (like
    normal), the younger one is only 4 monthes old so hard to
    tell how bright it will be. He has the "bib" of pale pink
    but not much on the forehead yet.

    Does anyone have a site with pictures of lovebird
    mutations that shows pictures of yellow body colored birds
    so I can try to see which ones I have.

    Sorry, I am new to Lovebirds. I've kept larger parrots
    for years. I could have never imagined how loving and
    intelligent these littl guys are.


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