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Re: Thinking about breeding lovebirds

Posted by Sally on 3/15/07
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    On 3/14/07, Karrie wrote:
    > I have always wanted to have a breeding pair of lovebirds.
    > A family friend has a breeding pair for sale that I'm
    > thinking about adding to my family. My biggest question is
    > if I was to allow these birds to breed and keep the babies
    > can they stay in the cage with the parents or would that
    > cause issues? I am in the process of getting my husband to
    > build a very large aviary for the birds so space wouldn't
    > be an issue. I also didn't know if I was to not get the
    > breeding pair can I have more then one pair of lovebirds
    > in the same aviary? Thank you for any help!

    As a long-time breeder of Peachface lovebird mutations - I
    would not advise keeping more than one mature pair of this
    type in a large cage. You can keep several juveniles -
    provided they are close to the same age - in one large flight
    or aviary. Peachfaced lovebirds are aggressive little
    creatures especially when wanting to breed. Colony breeding
    is not recommended.

    I do not know much of the eye-ring species, but have been told
    that the masked lovebird can be colony bred.

    Hope this helps.

    Lilla Hills Aviary