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Re: lovebird eggs

Posted by been there on 4/16/07
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    On 4/16/07, amy wrote:
    > Hi,I know they say it is normal for lovebirds to lay 4-8
    > eggs but,since last sun. mine have laid 9.Does this mean I
    > have 2 females?I have seen them mating many times,and the
    > one I think to be the male is always on her back but I
    > wanted to know of 2 females will do this too?I have tried
    > to candel the eggs but I'm new to this and cant tell for
    > sure.a few of the eggs have dark lines almost like shadows
    > in them,and I know it would be to early to tell with all
    > the eggs,some of them are still clear.Anyway I would be
    > greatfull for any help at all.Thanks.

    Good question. A young hen can lay 9 eggs as can two females.
    Two females can set up housekeeping as a male & female pair
    A hen will nount another hen as will a male & female.
    If you notice both birds shredding paper and tucking it and
    taking it back to the nest box, that would probably indicate
    you have two females, but there is the rare male that can do
    that also.
    A fertile egg, from the beginning will show fine red lines
    which indicate blood vessels. These then go on to expand and
    become dark masses over the course of incubation.
    The only way to be 100 percent sure is DNA testing, or until
    you eventually get a chick.
    Don't throw any of the eggs away and continue to candle them
    at a later date. Lovebirds incubation is about 23 days.

    Good luck.