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Re: lovebird eggs

Posted by Brimonster on 4/26/07
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    On 4/16/07, been there wrote:
    > On 4/16/07, amy wrote:
    >> Hi,I know they say it is normal for lovebirds to lay 4-8
    >> eggs but,since last sun. mine have laid 9.Does this mean I
    >> have 2 females?I have seen them mating many times,and the
    >> one I think to be the male is always on her back but I
    >> wanted to know of 2 females will do this too?I have tried
    >> to candel the eggs but I'm new to this and cant tell for
    >> sure.a few of the eggs have dark lines almost like shadows
    >> in them,and I know it would be to early to tell with all
    >> the eggs,some of them are still clear.Anyway I would be
    >> greatfull for any help at all.Thanks.
    > Good question. A young hen can lay 9 eggs as can two females.
    > Two females can set up housekeeping as a male & female pair
    > would.
    > A hen will nount another hen as will a male & female.
    > If you notice both birds shredding paper and tucking it and
    > taking it back to the nest box, that would probably indicate
    > you have two females, but there is the rare male that can do
    > that also.
    > A fertile egg, from the beginning will show fine red lines
    > which indicate blood vessels. These then go on to expand and
    > become dark masses over the course of incubation.
    > The only way to be 100 percent sure is DNA testing, or until
    > you eventually get a chick.
    > Don't throw any of the eggs away and continue to candle them
    > at a later date. Lovebirds incubation is about 23 days.
    > Good luck.

    I have a proven male who shreds and tucks, so yep, there are
    those rare males out there!

    Check the eggs 4-7 days after being laid. Like ^ they said, the
    eggs will show red veins coming out from a single spot. That
    spot where the veins come from will eventually be the chick.
    How long did it take for the bird(s) to lay 9 eggs? That will
    be the determining factor. It should take at least 16 days for
    a hen to lay 9 eggs by herself. If it were any faster than
    that, you have 2 females.