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Re: Eggs in "Cozy"

Posted by Martha on 4/17/07
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    Personally, I would worry about it getting nasty in there.
    Also if there is not much grip in the bottom of the cozy,
    this could lead to splayed legs. And on a questions of
    humidity; would a cozy be not humide enough or too humide??
    I wouldn't know. Maybe it would be okay.

    Personally, where these my birds, I would not let them raise
    a family in there. I can just imagine how nasty the cozy
    would get if the babies hatch. I cleaned my Lovie nest box
    every week and it still got pretty bad. I can't imagine how
    polar fleece or whatever the cozy is made of would look like.

    If I were you, I would personally put the nest in with
    nestings material at the bottom and gently place the eggs
    in. Place some nesting materials in the cage so the birds
    can add stuff.

    Yes, there is the chance that she may abandon her eggs, but
    I feel that rather then having the potential problems of
    them being raised in a cozy (cleanliness and splayed leg)
    that it would be better to take the chance of moving them.
    Even if you give them nesting materials for the cozy, I am
    thinking that some cozies do not have a firm bottom (no
    plastic sheet in between the bottom fleece). If this is the
    case of yours, I am having a hard time imagining the babies
    having a good stable grip. There is also the chance,
    depending on how your cosy is made, that the chicks could
    fall out.

    I have changed nestboxes on my Lovies, they were used to
    being a a wooden box, but when cleaning the nesting
    materials out I dropped the box and busted it and all I had
    was a metal one on hand. I replaced with the metal one and
    they go right back to buisiness.

    If this is a first clutch there may be a greater chance of
    abandonment, also it would depend on your Lovies. I used to
    co-parent with mine, they did not mind me playing with the
    babies at all or fiddling with the box.

    I know, maybe my opinion sounds heartless; but for what I
    imagine a cozy is, I don't think it would make the best
    nest. I would rather have two potentially fertile eggs
    abandoned then risk having splayed legged chicks that may be
    disabled for the rest of their lives (I have nothing against
    disabled birds, but I think when we have the chance to avoid
    this, I'd rather take the chance).

    They "can" raise the babies there; I have heard of Lovies
    raising babies in hats, on the floor of the cage. A women I
    knew of let them raise babies on the floor of the cage on
    nothing. They were all splayed legged. I hope they found
    good homes.

    Good luck in whatever you choose. Others will certainly
    give their opinions to aid you in your decision.