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Re: Eggs in "Cozy"

Posted by Martha on 4/17/07
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    Or, you could also shake or freeze the eggs up so that any
    embryos that were inside will cease to developped (you know
    what I mean, but I don't want to use that "k" word).

    Place the eggs back in the cozy so that she can continue
    incubating, she will leave the nest when they do not hatch.

    I just reread you post and if they are young and
    this "pregnancy" in unexpected.. I am wondering if you had the
    chance to get them into good breeding condition and on a great
    diet (if they came to you as seed junkies) to prepare them for

    Considering that you may not have done this, and also the
    great chance of them abandoning the eggs if changed places...

    I would opt for shaking the eggs and letting her sit. She
    will get the rest she needs while sitting; if the eggs become
    abandonned in a switch she may lay right away again.

    Sorry about the first post, I was thinking of my birds who are
    not fussy at all. Your guys are young, on a first clutch and
    may be totally different... I can't compare.

    Now that I rethink, were I you, I wold just shake 'em. Sorry,
    I really am not a heartless person.