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Re: Eggs in "Cozy"

Posted by Lou on 4/18/07
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    Thanks for your responses... I'm pretty sure the pair are in
    good condition even though I wasn't expecting to set them up to
    breed for a couple more months. I'm partucular about my birds
    diet and they are definitely NOT seed junkies! They get plenty
    of veggies and I add vitamins and probiotics to their water a
    few times a week. They haven't had a cuttlebone for calcium,
    but I have added Calciboost to the water at least onces a week.

    I may try moving the eggs to a nest box and hope that they won't
    abandon them. The babies will be the very rare violet masked
    and I surely want to give them every chance of surviving! I
    just wish I had another pair to foster the eggs with! Both of
    my other pairs are on eggs, but already starting to hatch.

    Thanks again,


    On 4/17/07, Martha wrote:
    > Or, you could also shake or freeze the eggs up so that any
    > embryos that were inside will cease to developped (you know
    > what I mean, but I don't want to use that "k" word).
    > Place the eggs back in the cozy so that she can continue
    > incubating, she will leave the nest when they do not hatch.
    > I just reread you post and if they are young and
    > this "pregnancy" in unexpected.. I am wondering if you had the
    > chance to get them into good breeding condition and on a great
    > diet (if they came to you as seed junkies) to prepare them for
    > parenthood...
    > Considering that you may not have done this, and also the
    > great chance of them abandoning the eggs if changed places...
    > I would opt for shaking the eggs and letting her sit. She
    > will get the rest she needs while sitting; if the eggs become
    > abandonned in a switch she may lay right away again.
    > Sorry about the first post, I was thinking of my birds who are
    > not fussy at all. Your guys are young, on a first clutch and
    > may be totally different... I can't compare.
    > Now that I rethink, were I you, I wold just shake 'em. Sorry,
    > I really am not a heartless person.