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Re: Eggs in "Cozy" ATTN: Martha

Posted by Martha on 4/23/07
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    I have no experience with fostering myself. Here is a site I
    found (take out the spaces): html

    I quote ths from the last paragraph of the text:

    "I have had a lot of success with fostering and many chicks have
    been saved that otherwise would have died. I've had babies hatch
    from eggs that I've picked up from the bottoms of cages where
    pairs were on breeder rest and the hen started to lay. My
    fostering technique is not species specific, either. I find that,
    as long as I know my own birds, I can foster almost any lovebird
    species to any other lovebird long as I stay within
    my own criteria."

    Hope that helps you out and good luck.

    Do you have time to handfeed them in case they are hatched but not

    If you decide not to "transfer" them in the end; would you be able
    to get a nice thick layer of nesting material into the cozy
    (without making it too high for the babies to fall out) and
    something to stabilize the bottom. Maybe you could get by with
    them in the cozy, safe and clean, for a couple of weeks and then
    pull them for handfeeding when and if things start to look "iffy".
    I would also talk to my vet and have him show you techniques on
    how to correct splayed legs (if you don't already know), so you
    can take action ASAP should this happen. It is usually
    correctable if caught early on.

    I understand that you want to do everything possoble to keep these
    babies and I wish you the very best luck. Hope the linked helped
    you out with making your decision.