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Re: Baby lovebirds, masks, peachface, lutino, pieds, fischer

Posted by Jennifer on 4/21/07
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    On 4/20/07, carla jorda wrote:
    > Beautiful hand and parent fed lovies, by Long Island hobby
    > breeder. No shipping my precious babies, masks, peachface
    > and fischers, pied, lutino, violets, cremino, aqua/turk pix
    > on request....sweet, tame, socialized, excellent
    > diet...visit the aviary by app. 65 and

    Hi, my name is Jennifer, I was wondering if you have a
    Violet female lovebird, if you do pless reply my email with
    her pic if is possible, or I'd be glad to go to your place
    and meet them. thank you....