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Re: What age am I?

Posted by Lora <-needs more coffee on 4/25/07
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    On 4/25/07, Lora wrote:
    > Hi
    > I got a clutch of peach faced lovies from a friend (she
    > fell and couldn't handfeed them) but she cannot remember
    > when they were born. Two have "open" feathers on thier
    > heads and the other two have pins. Everyone wings
    > feathers are starting to "open" I would post a pic but my
    > camera is at the Grand Canyon with my parents. I can after
    > this week. On lovie is going to my sister and her
    > daughters (10 & 12, and not primary caregivers) so I want
    > to pick a birthday.
    > Thanks in advance! and they took right to being
    > handfed! And since I haven't done this is a few years,
    > when do I offer them millet?
    > Lora