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Re: What age am I?

Posted by Brimonster on 4/26/07
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    On 4/25/07, Lora <-needs more coffee wrote:
    > On 4/25/07, Lora wrote:
    >> Hi
    >> I got a clutch of peach faced lovies from a friend (she
    >> fell and couldn't handfeed them) but she cannot remember
    >> when they were born. Two have "open" feathers on thier
    >> heads and the other two have pins. Everyone wings
    >> feathers are starting to "open" I would post a pic but my
    >> camera is at the Grand Canyon with my parents. I can after
    >> this week. On lovie is going to my sister and her
    >> daughters (10 & 12, and not primary caregivers) so I want
    >> to pick a birthday.
    >> Thanks in advance! and they took right to being
    >> handfed! And since I haven't done this is a few years,
    >> when do I offer them millet?
    >> Lora
    They sounds about 3-5 weeks old. You can offer them millet as
    soon as they start to investigate things in their beak (so offer
    it to them now). They should still be getting about 10ccs at
    least, every 6-8 hours. Hope this helps.