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Re: I have a breeding question?

Posted by Jessica on 5/19/07
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    Yes, one day old chicks should be moving. If you can get
    into the nestbox, see if the chick moves when you pick it
    up. If it doesn't, it probably died. Unfortunately,
    there's nothing much you can do once a chick has died, and
    saving day one chicks is really difficult anyway. But if
    this is the parents first time raising chicks, it is not an
    uncommon occurance. The mother might not have known to feed
    the chick right away. She has to learn how to handle this
    new responsibility, and sometimes that leads to deaths in
    the first clutch.

    I'm sorry if the first chick didn't make it, but that
    doesn't mean that none of the other potential chicks will
    make it. The parents may have it figured out by the time
    the next baby hatches. Even if the first one is dead, the
    mother will still sit on it because the other eggs are there
    and she needs to keep brooding them in order to give them a
    chance to hatch.

    On 5/18/07, Lety wrote:
    > My lovebird pair laid five eggs and one just hatched
    > today. I wasn't home until late so I just noticed the
    > chick... it doesn't seem to be moving so I was just
    > wondering whether one day chicks are suppose to move. I am
    > worried what if it didn't make it? Please someone help.
    > The mom seems to keep sitting on it and on the other eggs
    > but I still haven't seen her feed the baby.