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Post: Color of baby

Posted by Jen on 6/06/07

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    I have a baby lovebird who's coloration i'd like to ask about.
    Parents are a creamino hen and a seagreen split to opaline
    cock. The baby I have currently has bright blue tail
    feathers coming in, very vibrant green feathers on the wing,
    with very dark flights, his head however is a much lighter
    olive green color with yellow feathers coming in on his
    forehead. I haven't been able to find any pictures that look
    close to what I have. (He's still not 100% feathered, and I
    know with molts they change slightly at first, but still
    wondering.) All the pics I can find of lovebirds with yellow
    foreheads (instead of red or peach) are of pieds, and he's
    definately not a pied... any input greatly appreciated!!

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