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Post: Lost Fischer's Lovebird

Posted by Rameeshay Mubasher on 7/04/07

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    My lovebird flew away on Monday, July 2nd, 2007. She was
    last seen at Lawrence Ave. E and Galloway Rd.,
    Scarborough, Toronto. She is small, with a yellow-orange
    head, bright green body, and
    red beak. Please call me at 416-208-7824 or 416-841-8233
    (preferred). If you see my bird on a tree, call me or
    animal services or the fire department ASAP. If you see it
    on a balcony or outside your home, trapped somewhere, call
    me ASAP (you can try catching it, if trapped, by covering
    it with a cloth). Please try to let it in your house, but
    do not try to scare or alarm it. I will be very grateful
    if my poor bird is safely returned and you will be
    rewarded $300 or much more.

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