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Re: Lost Fischer's Lovebird

Posted by Rameeshay on 7/09/07
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    On 7/08/07, Pami wrote:
    > On 7/04/07, Rameeshay Mubasher wrote:
    >> My lovebird flew away on Monday, July 2nd, 2007. She was
    >> last seen at Lawrence Ave. E and Galloway Rd.,
    >> Scarborough, Toronto. She is small, with a yellow-orange
    >> head, bright green body, and
    >> red beak. Please call me at 416-208-7824 or 416-841-8233
    >> (preferred). If you see my bird on a tree, call me or
    >> animal services or the fire department ASAP. If you see it
    >> on a balcony or outside your home, trapped somewhere, call
    >> me ASAP (you can try catching it, if trapped, by covering
    >> it with a cloth). Please try to let it in your house, but
    >> do not try to scare or alarm it. I will be very grateful
    >> if my poor bird is safely returned and you will be
    >> rewarded $300 or much more.
    > I'm sorry about your bird, have you try putting a lost ad on
    > your local newspaper? I lost my cockatiel 4 years ago and I
    > went on the internet and put signs everywhere. By the time I
    > decided to put it in the newspaper someone had found it and
    > given it to someone else. I tracked my bird through 3 homes
    > and no one wanted to tell me where it was. I also offered a
    > reward.
    > The woman who found him told me that the first place she
    > looked before giving it away was the local paper.
    > I still miss my Kuki. God bless and I'll pray you find it.
    > I know the pain.
    > Pami

    Thank you for understanding. I am extremely sorry about Kuki,
    but maybe he/she has found a caring owner.
    Putting an ad in the paper costs about $300 here in Toronto,
    and they put an extremely tiny ad in the Classifieds section.
    I have however posted ads around my area, and am hoping that
    someone will find my Binnie.
    Thank you for praying. Please pray for all the birds lost
    every year, and their caring owners who have to go through
    such hell.