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Re: Lovebird that laid eggs unexpectedly

Posted by Jen on 7/20/07
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    On 7/13/07, Cheryl wrote:
    > Hello...Last October we bought a pair of lovebirds. In the
    > last week one has started laying eggs even though we did
    > not have a nesting box in the cage. Do I now put something
    > in there and move the eggs or let her continue to sit on
    > them at the bottome of the cage in the corner?

    You can check the eggs to see if they are fertile or not (if
    you havent had the birds DNA sexed, you might have 2 females,
    or male and female, since one's obviously laying eggs not
    going to be 2 males...) by candling them. Most lovies will
    continue to lay if you take away their eggs after they lay
    them which can lead to the bird using up all its nutrients
    trying to produce eggs it's trying to replace in it's clutch.
    My advice would be to give the bird a little nest box of some
    type to let her have her "nest mode". If you do not want
    babies you can simply boil the eggs and put them back after
    she lays them, addle (shake) them some so the embryos wont
    develop, or just take them out and replace with fake eggs you
    can find online or at a lot of bird retailers. She will sit on
    them for a little less than a month (usually) then she'll
    pretty much abandon the nest and you can remove everything.