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Re: found bird

Posted by Marie on 7/31/07
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    July 30, 2007
    For several weeks I have heard an unusual screeching and in the
    late afternoon yesterday saw for the first time what I just
    identified on line as a mature violet, red-faced lovebird. I
    have been feeding a pair of cardinals for several weeks which
    has attracted a growing flock of sparrows. The parrot joined
    the sparrows to eat sunflower seeds and flew around the back
    yards of my neighbors, climbing and hanging upside-down on
    fences and electric cables. Very cute, but I worry what will
    happen to it during winter. Monk parrots have been living in
    this area in communal stick nests for years, but will this
    parrot survive?

    On 7/20/07, Jen wrote:
    > If it is a lovebird it's probably one that got loose from
    > someone's home or a local petstore. (not really native to
    > manhattan :) ) Put up some ads for a found bird, and if you
    > feel comfortable bringing him in, he'll probably appreciate it
    > until you can find his owner, or a new home. Or you can just
    > keep him and enjoy the lovebird yourself, they're great, very
    > interactive and amusing.
    > On 7/16/07, andi wrote:
    >> We have what seems to be a lovebird on our fire escape in
    >> Manhattan. He certainly does not appear to be wild, and we
    >> do not know what to do. Do we try to get him in the house
    >> and take care of him? IF so, how? We are concerned for his
    >> safety. We have food regularly for other birds, and we
    >> suppose he found our space and is hanging out. Thanks for
    >> any tips and advice...