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Re: Lovebirds lay egg what to do

Posted by teenylou on 4/13/08
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    On 8/19/07, Anne of Green Gables wrote:
    > On 8/19/07, Leslie Cantrelle wrote:
    >> I have 2 sets of lovebirds in the same cage. One set has
    >> laid one egg. I read that they usually lay 4 to 6 eggs but
    >> they only have one. What should I do?
    > You should do nothing because if you were prepared for having
    > lovebird babies you would have done research on the
    > responsibilities of breeding them and what it involved.
    > When you put male and female birds together you always have
    > the chance of them breeding and laying eggs. Why would you
    > not think about this before you did it?
    > You can't come to a chat board and expect to have all the
    > information that you need about breeding handed to you which
    > takes a long time to learn BEFORE you put birds together.
    > Consider this a life lesson. Either learn what you need to
    > do to breed responsibly, or separate the male and females so
    > that this doesn't happen again. Take responsibility for your
    > actions.

    You don't know her circumstances so don't judge. She may have
    inherited them from her dead uncle for you know. Geez, she was
    just coming for help too.