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Re: Lovebirds lay egg what to do

Posted by Anne of Green Gables on 8/19/07
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    On 8/19/07, Leslie Cantrelle wrote:
    > I have 2 sets of lovebirds in the same cage. One set has
    > laid one egg. I read that they usually lay 4 to 6 eggs but
    > they only have one. What should I do?

    You should do nothing because if you were prepared for having
    lovebird babies you would have done research on the
    responsibilities of breeding them and what it involved.
    When you put male and female birds together you always have
    the chance of them breeding and laying eggs. Why would you
    not think about this before you did it?
    You can't come to a chat board and expect to have all the
    information that you need about breeding handed to you which
    takes a long time to learn BEFORE you put birds together.
    Consider this a life lesson. Either learn what you need to
    do to breed responsibly, or separate the male and females so
    that this doesn't happen again. Take responsibility for your