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Re: supplements

Posted by Jamie on 2/05/08
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    On 10/08/07, Paulette wrote:
    > My lovie is laying eggs once again. She does this about
    > every 3-4 months.Should I put some kind of supplement in
    > her water?She will eat nothing but seeds-I have offered
    > veggies and fruit.Also, how long should I leave the eggs
    > for her to sit on?

    Will she eat scrambled eggs and pellets? Make sure she has a
    cuttlebone and mineral block.
    When I dont want my hens to lay I load their cages full of
    toys.I limit their seed intake. I dont give them happy huts or
    sheardable toys. I give them more sleep at night and rearrange
    their cage once a week. I give them plenty to do so they dont
    think about nesting.