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Re: Strangely marked lovebird??

Posted by Briana (BareFoot Aviary) on 12/28/07
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    On 10/12/07, Donna wrote:
    > I have a strangely marked lovebird and was wondering if
    > anyone has seen anything like it before. It is an adult
    > pied that has cherry coloring speckled thru out her body
    > and heavy on the chest area too. I have never seen the red
    > coloring other than their head. I have pics to
    > me for them. Thanks!

    Donna, this mutation is called "red suffused" and is very rare
    in adult birds. Now, granted, this mutation is only a real
    mutation if the bird has been checked by a vet and all medical
    reasons have been cleared. Nutritional deficeincies have to
    be looked for as well as liver problems.

    Red Suffusion typically is seen in Lutino birds and
    tradtionally the red feathers are molted out at the 6 month
    molt, but when it stays after the molt, it is a true
    suffusion. This "mutation" has not actually been recognized
    as a mutation though as you cannot breed for it.