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Re: Lovebird Question

Posted by Briana (BareFoot Aviary) on 12/28/07
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    On 11/19/07, Laurie wrote:
    > I am wondering if anyone knows what kind of lovebirds I
    > have. They are yellow with half red beaks. I read that
    > they are hybrids of some sort. Not sure what mix. I can't
    > seem to tell if they are mixed with nyassa or fischers.
    > Because of the red beaks. I would like to breed them. Not
    > sure what to put them with. Thanks,Laurie

    If they are hybrids, I would not breed them, better to keep
    the gene pool as clean as possible. If you could send a pic
    or post a pic (I have no idea if that is possible), I could
    correctly identify them.