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Re: Lovebird Question

Posted by Jamie on 2/05/08
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    On 11/19/07, Laurie wrote:
    > I am wondering if anyone knows what kind of lovebirds I
    > have. They are yellow with half red beaks. I read that
    > they are hybrids of some sort. Not sure what mix. I can't
    > seem to tell if they are mixed with nyassa or fischers.
    > Because of the red beaks. I would like to breed them. Not
    > sure what to put them with. Thanks,Laurie

    It sounds like you have a hybrid. Which mutation's is hard to
    tell without a picture. But "half red beaks" leads me to think
    its a peachface and fischer. Fischer/Peachface hybrids are
    mules. The hens seems to only lay infertile clutches with this
    hybrid combo.
    Why would you breed hybrids? Why muck up the gene pool? Just
    something to think about.