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Re: Fisher Lovebirds

Posted by Tracy on 11/21/07
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    On 11/21/07, Tracy wrote:
    > On 11/21/07, Jessica wrote: I
    >> Tracy,
    >> I have two fischer youngsters available -- one male and one
    >> female. They are dilute green fischers, hatched and raised
    >> this year.
    >> Located in NJ. Would need to ship, unless you know someone
    >> coming out towards Philadelphia.
    >> Can send more info and pictures via e-mail if you're
    >> interested.
    >> On 11/21/07, Tracy wrote:
    >>> I am looking for fisher lovebirds. Let me know if any one
    >>> has any to sell I live in ohio. Thanks Tracy
    > I would like a female if possible. You can email me pics,how
    > much does it cost to ship? How much are your birds? Thanks
    > Tracy
    My email address