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Post: Feather picking Help!!!

Posted by Celeste on 1/10/08

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    Hi Tara,
    I currently have two peachfaced lovebirds and have been
    having some issues. We got the first peachfaced lovebird
    (Dori) about 4 years ago. We were doing alot of traveling
    and felt bad that we were leaving him alone for weeks at a
    time so we decided to get him a frind to him company. We
    ended up getting another peachfaced lovebird (Paulie) and
    the lady said she was handfed and tame but turned out she
    was pretty wild. We got her anyway. About a year later, Dori
    started pulling out his feathers. I know that Paulie can be
    pretty mean to him and we are thinking that that may be why
    he is pulling them out. We decided to seperate them for a
    couple weeks just to see what happened. Do you think this is
    a good or bad Idea? And do you think she could be the cause
    of his feather picking? If you think they are ok to be
    seperated we would rather just get rid of the wild bird and
    help Dori get better. We noticed since they have been
    seperated in seperate rooms that Dori has become more tame
    and does show a small sign of feathers starting to grow
    back. We just don't if we seperate them if Dori would get
    depressed. What do you think? Please, we can use any advice
    we can get! Thank you!!!!

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