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Re: pair vs single lovebird

Posted by Mickie on 2/21/08
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    On 2/19/08, mimi wrote:
    > I am interested in purchasing a lovebird(s). I have read
    > a lot of conflicting info on one bird vs two. Is it true
    > that if you have two together they will be nasty to humans
    > because they have bonded with each other? Is it possible
    > to have two lovebirds that are also friendly to their
    > owner?

    We have a lovebird pair, the female is very bitey and we
    paired her with a vey friendly and sweet male. The male
    allow us to play with him and has never tried to bite me.
    They have hatched six babies in three different clutches and
    only two of those babies are bitey. I kept one of the
    babies and he's absolutely bonded with me, very loving and
    playful, he also accepts and plays with my hubby.
    If you want a baby to bond with I would go with just one.