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Re: What to do with a widowed love bird?

Posted by Bridget on 2/22/08
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    the best way to introduce a new lovie is to buy one and keep
    their cages right next to eachother for a week or 2. then
    let the older one play on top of the new ones cage and visa
    Is your male handleable? If yes after 1 week take both of
    them out and let them play together. if they start to argue
    seperate them and try again 2 days later. Eventually they
    will like eachother.

    On 2/21/08, Christine wrote:
    > Almost 10 years ago my husband bought a lovely mated pair
    > dutch blue lovebirds for me. They have had many babies
    > the years and have always been healthy and happy. This past
    > weekend my female passed away. She seemed to just fade over
    > a couple of days, and died. Now I have a widowed male who
    > is making the worst racket I've ever experienced in my
    > He is healthy and robust...and apparently lonely. I got
    > a mirror for his cage, but I need to get him a new partner.
    > Any advice on how to introduce a new lovergirl to him?