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Re: what type of lovebird is this

Posted by Mike Miller on 2/27/08
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    Hi Gina,
    Sounds like a Creamino if you mean the "light yellow" is
    actually a creamy yellow. Creaminos are the peachfaced
    equivalent of an Albino since true albinos do not exist in
    peachfaced. You can google an image of a creamino
    peachfaced and see if that is what you have. Hope this

    On 2/25/08, Gina wrote:
    > I just adopted my second lovebird. It's a beautiful mostly
    > solid light yellow with red eyes with only a few white
    > tail feathers. There is no additional mask color and the
    > beak is a flesh color.
    > I know it's some sort of lutino but is there a specific
    > name for this coloring?