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Re: Want to get a friend for single unknown sex lovebird

Posted by Shaun on 3/24/08
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    On 3/02/08, Jennifer wrote:
    > My aunt was just given a peach faced lovebird, sex
    > by someone who no longer wanted it. It came complete with
    > huge cage, toys, fuzzy sleeping house, lots of food and
    > supplements. The bird is a few years old and did not seem
    > upset at all by the change in surroundings, within minutes
    > of arriving at it's new home he was eating, preening,
    > checking us out and singing away. I don't believe it was
    > handled much, and I know my aunt, for fear that he will
    > into a wall or worse be a victim of the cats, will
    > not try to handle the bird either.
    > So we are thinking of getting another one. Thing is, we
    > not know the sex of this bird...would it get along with
    > either sex if we get another peach face or do you have to
    > get a male if you have a female and vice versa? We were
    > hoping to find a rescue bird to adopt, and maybe keep them
    > in separate cages until they get to know each other, but I
    > do not know the sex rules as far as lovebirds getting
    > goes.
    > Thanks for any advice.