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Re: All 8 eggs unfertile?

Posted by Abe on 7/11/08
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    On 3/03/08, Jessica wrote:
    > My pair of lovebirds had babies for about 5 years now, but
    > the male was taken away because his daughter wanted him to
    > be her mate.So he was taken away and he left the last
    > chick with the female.Once the chick grew a year old,the
    > female and the chick bonded and had eggs.They have 8 eggs
    > now and it's the 20th day they've been laid.And it was
    > about between 16 days when all of the eggs were laid.But
    > the weird part is that some of the eggs were laid on the
    > day next to it.Is that normal?And i tried to shine a light
    > on the eggs but all i see is the white shell.I think the
    > shell is thick ,or are they all unfertile?But i do see red
    > on the inside of the shell though but only in some.So are
    > some fertile or are both of the lovebirds female?