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Post: What Mutation??? (Creamino Offspring)

Posted by Melissa on 5/03/08

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    Hi. I don't have any pictures, but I will attempt to
    describe the birds.

    I have four babies from a Creamino pair (don't know
    anything of their genetic background).

    Two babies look like normal Creamino's: light yellow, with
    the white rump with the ice blue sheen, melon colored
    forehead (though not pronouced, they are babies).

    One of them is darker yellow. I'd say in between a Lutino
    and a Creamino. His tail had a light yellow tip and after
    that it is dark like his body. His "bib" is the
    same "creamy white" (don't know how else to describe it)
    as the two previous babies, but he does not have a fleck
    of melon pink on his head. His rump and flights are the
    same color as the two revious babies.

    The other one, has a body color very very similar to the
    Creamino. But if you look very close, it has the
    slightest tinge of mustard yellow. This is very slight,
    almost not noticeable. His flights have a dusting of what
    looks like beige color, also very slight. His rump is
    very light ice blue. Thing of the color that the normal
    Creamino's rump shines... make it a tad darker and this is
    the color (not just an irridescence). His tail has light
    brown where the black would be. He is still young, so I
    can't see the whole tail yet. He also does not have any
    peach at all on his forehead.

    So what are the last two? (Oh their eyes and feet and
    beak are the same as the Creamino). I was thinking
    Cinnamino maybe for the one with the brown in his tail...
    but can't find a pic to compare. But I have no idea for
    the darker yellow one.

    Thanks for any insight and if I can get a pic I will post

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