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Re: Wondering about a single lovebird...

Posted by ABE on 7/11/08
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    On 7/03/08, Mandi wrote:
    > About 7 months ago I bought a unsexed, unwanted lovebird.
    > I now believe it is a male. The trouble with him is that
    > I don't know his back ground. He was never handled before
    > I got him. I have been working with him everyday. He is
    > starting to screamat the top of his lungs everyday. I
    > have a plastic bird in his cage and he mates with it all
    > the time. I was wondering if he would do better with a
    > mate. I can't have more then one bird at this time. He
    > isn't the first bird I have dealt with. I worked at a
    > petstore and hand raised all the bird they had. Would it
    > be wise to find a breeder for him and get myself a hand
    > raised loverbird.
    > Mandi

    yes, it is best if you give that bird to breeder. I have
    taken care of both kinds of birds, hand fed and unhandled.
    Unhandled birds tend to be more aggresive and wild.
    Especially in females. Males show the kind of behavior that
    yours shows when they are older... usually hand fed birds are
    raised with humans and don't see the need to have a mate,
    instead it make the human its family and doesn't need a mate.