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Re: Wondering about a single lovebird...

Posted by LeeAnn on 8/04/08
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    Ive only had single lovebirds. My first one LOVEDto mate
    with and old sock I had tied in his cage. Single lovebirds
    with most likely bond to you better as there is o no other
    bird to bond to. Keep working with him.

    On 7/03/08, Mandi wrote:
    > About 7 months ago I bought a unsexed, unwanted lovebird.
    > I now believe it is a male. The trouble with him is that
    > I don't know his back ground. He was never handled before
    > I got him. I have been working with him everyday. He is
    > starting to screamat the top of his lungs everyday. I
    > have a plastic bird in his cage and he mates with it all
    > the time. I was wondering if he would do better with a
    > mate. I can't have more then one bird at this time. He
    > isn't the first bird I have dealt with. I worked at a
    > petstore and hand raised all the bird they had. Would it
    > be wise to find a breeder for him and get myself a hand
    > raised loverbird.
    > Mandi