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Re: lovebirds male or female

Posted by Dany on 7/23/08
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    On 7/11/08, Abe wrote:
    > On 7/06/08, bird man wrote:
    >> how do i tell which love bird is the male?
    > a male love bird has a bone at the bottom that u feel under
    > his tail, a female does not, instead, females have two bones
    > instead of one... its a simple touch test

    Sorry but that is just so wrong! Both males and females have
    the same pelvic bones. Its actually the hip bones that meet
    right under the birds vent(but). The males tend to have them
    close together and its sharp to the touch. A females is
    tipically wider but you can't really tell until she has laid a
    few eggs and sat on them. From the laying and sitting, the
    tips of the bones round up a bit while the male that does not
    sit, stays sharper. If you want a more reliable way just watch
    the birds. If you have a nest setup, put some palm frond
    leaves in the cage (or even paper). Although the males can
    play with them, females are the ones that tear them to pieces
    and carry them into the nest. A female peachface will put them
    on her back or rump and eyering females will just carry them
    of in their beaks. Hope this helps.