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Re: Beak injury

Posted by Jen on 7/19/08
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    On 7/08/08, Alison wrote:
    > On 7/07/08, Jen wrote:
    >> Today, my female Fischer lovebird landed on my very cage-
    >> aggressive African Grey's cage. The grey immediately
    >> latched onto the lovebird's lower mandible and snipped off
    >> a good portion of it. There was no bleeding, but now she
    >> is unable to close her beak enough to break open any
    >> seeds. She does eat pellets, but she usually pulverized
    >> them first. If I take her into my vet, will they be able
    >> to do anything? She is otherwise acting her normal self.
    >> I did pulverize some pellets for her. Do you think she
    >> will be able to eat? Should I wet down the crushed pellets
    >> for her to try to eat? Any advice would be appreciated!
    >> Jen
    > _____________________________________
    > Hi Jen,
    > Keep crushing the birds food for her until she recovers
    > enough to do it herself. Do not wet the food down, as this
    > will cause it to mold and spoil. I have a Quaker with no
    > bottom beak except for a very tiny chip on one side. I had
    > to crush all her food for her for many months. She has
    > learned to open seed again and crush her own pellets, but I
    > have to keep her top beak trimmed for her because she cannot
    > grind it herself. Keep an eye on your birds top beak to make
    > sure it doesn't overgrow. She is likely in pain and will not
    > be able to break her own food for a while. You can get pain
    > meds for her from your avian vet. I've had my beakless
    > Quaker for about 6 years now, since she was dumped off by her
    > previous owner (the one who also owned the Macaw that tore
    > off Angels beak and half her face). A bird can adjust to the
    > beak injury, but it will need some help from you. Good
    > luck. -Alison-

    Thanks, Alison! I did take Anastasia to an avian vet (the one
    I usually go to had no avian certified vets available and I
    ended up traveling 40 miles to the next nearest one!), and he
    said she would have no problem regrowing her bottom beak. She
    is on pain medication as well as an antibiotic. I am weighing
    her every day at the same time, and she has not lost any weight
    yet. So I must be doing something right! I will have to
    return to the vet to have her bottom beak filed smooth to
    better enable her to crack her seeds. But she seems to be
    eating the crushed pellets just fine and is as feisty as ever.
    My index finger has marks to prove it! LOL!

    Anyway, she is doing great, her wings are now trimmed, and she
    will make a full recovery! Thank you again for your reply!