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Re: My pet lovebird is in love/ Any suggestions on this ?

Posted by Marie on 12/12/08
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    On 7/19/08, Jen wrote:
    > On 7/12/08, Mickie wrote:
    >> On 7/08/08, Mickie wrote:
    >>> My Pet Lovebird Trooper is in love with one of his toys,
    >>> he mates with him all day and if he's not mating he is
    >>> feeding the toy. The problem is that he's so obssesed with
    >>> feeding it that he forgets to eat and is loosing weight and
    >>> I don't know how he can produce so much food when he
    >>> hardly eats. If I take his toy out he will find another
    >>> toy. Anyone has any suggestions?
    >>> Mickie

    Just take that toy away for a while.
    Very easy to do. if it continues take all toys that are that
    type away.
    Also distracting him spending time with him to distract him

    I have 2 lovies in a cage and both get frisky with their little
    happy hut.
    Silly birds.

    Never however buy another bird If you do not want and are not
    ready and prepared for the added work.