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Re: my love bird layed eggs!

Posted by ms lovebird on 7/08/08
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    On 7/08/08, Courtney wrote:
    > Hey, I bought 2 lovebirds about 2 months ago 1 male and 1
    > female. They were guaranteed to have babies. Well the girl
    > layed 2 eggs today! ... I was so excited.
    > When I bought the birds the previous owner told me that the
    > female has already laid eggs 4 times 3 of the times the
    > eggs hatched and were suggessful ... but the 4th time the
    > eggs were not fertile...she also told me to remove the male
    > bird when the female lays the eggs because the male will
    > kill the eggs if they are fertile. but i do not know how
    > true this is?

    well courtney there's a few holes in your story that don't
    a female lovebird cannot lay two eggs in one day. they lay
    ONE egg every TWO days until they have a clutch. if you have
    two eggs in one day you have two females. that's a fact.

    you NEVER remove the male when they are nesting. he feeds
    the hen while she sits on the eggs and when she has babies.
    most males will not "kill" the eggs. that's another load of

    good thing the woman sold these birds as she's dumber than a
    box of rocks when it comes to lovebird breeding.

    hope you do more research as you really need to know a lot
    more to be a successful lovebird breeder.