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Re: Allergies from Love Birds

Posted by karen on 1/21/09
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    On 1/20/09, Rick wrote:
    > I am asking this question for a friend of mine regarding
    > Love Birds.
    > Has anyone ever experienced any allergy related symptoms
    > while having Love Birds in their home. I couldn't find
    > anything on the Internet relating to this, maybe someone
    > help answer this question.
    > Thanks in advance, Rick

    Have not heard the love bird allergy before
    One thing I have seen a lot is when someone gets a bird
    they also get a lot of other things that are allergenic;
    seed based food, hemp toys, sisel rope,grass bedding - grass
    chewed up wood, bark, branches, pine bedding -tree allergy
    a used cage, roach poop -like the dust mite thing but bigger-
    not changing the papers each day -mold allergy
    Bird came from a home of a smoker! -that did it to me once
    best of luck