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Re: Help Me please

Posted by Mickie on 5/21/10
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    On 7/10/09, Rach wrote:
    > He's wanting to mate!! Find him a mate or re-arrange his
    > cage. His hormones are pretty powerful. It's normal for him
    > to regrute. THey do that with their mate, or owner or even
    > toys b/c its a sense of connection so he wants to feed them
    > lol

    Hi, Tooper is still doing this but at a lesser pace and I have
    learned to deal with it. Thank you for your response.
    > On 1/31/09, Mickie wrote:
    >> Hi Everyone,
    >> My lovebird is two and a half years old,for the past 7 t0
    >> 8 months he has been acting very weird. He rubs himself
    >> against his toys, perches or anything you put into his
    >> cage, also if I'm holding him he tries to rub himself in
    >> my hands. I know what the rubbing is. But I'm concerned
    >> because he is doing this 24/7, he doesn't stop, it goes on
    >> even after I cover him for the night. Another part of his
    >> behavior is that he is eating and rejurgitating his food
    >> and feeding his toys and perches 24/7 he alternates his
    >> rubbing and rejurgitating. He eats well and I make sure
    >> he has plenty of fresh food, pellets and seeds I also give
    >> him vitamins and calcium but because he throws up
    >> everything he eats I think he's bulimic. His weight is
    >> steady at 53 grams, he was 56- 60 grams when he was a
    >> baby.
    >> Can you please tell me what's wrong with him and how can I
    >> help him. I have taken him to two Avian vets, one said he
    >> was just horny, and the other told me to get him a mate.
    >> I'm at my wits end. I'm worried that he would die from
    >> all this throwing up. I take him outside the cage for play
    >> and he gets upset and starts a riot until I put him back
    >> inside. This baby was hatched here and handfed by me.
    >> He's my pet and I don't want to loose him.
    >> Please help me. Thank you.
    >> I really appreciate your help.