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Re: what kind i have?

Posted by Alisa on 2/22/09
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    On 2/22/09, Rene' wrote:
    > On 2/06/09, Christa wrote:
    >> On 2/06/09, Alisa wrote:
    >>> I have a lovebird that is all black but with a greenish
    >>> tint white face and yellow above his beak! i have not been
    >>> able to find a lovebird that looks like he does and im
    >>> curious if hes rare or jst a lovebird mix?!
    >> As a long time lovebird breeder I can tell you that it isn't
    >> a pure species lovebird. There aren't any all black
    >> lovebirds.
    >> Can you post a picture of the bird so we may be able to help
    >> you better identify the bird in question?
    > I agree. There is no such thing as a black lovie. Are you
    > sure it is black and not a deep gray color? It could be a
    > double dark factor slate. I have one and it kind of looks
    > black in certain angles, but is slate.

    When i first got him like 2 years ago he was black now hes a
    greenish black!