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Re: can you pair a W/F with a P\F ?

Posted by Lola, the lovebird lady on 10/19/09
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    On 10/17/09, tweetie wrote:
    > I have a single, proven whitefaced Lovie that lost her
    > mate and I have the opportunity to match her with a
    > Peachfaced male.....can I do that? Or do I have to keep
    > white faces with white faces and peach faces with peach
    > faces?

    I won't get into a long, drawn out explantion here concerning
    genetics because it may be difficult for you to understand.
    Peachface is the "species" of lovebird and includes both
    green series and blue series birds. They are not different
    species such as Masked or Fischer's.
    You can breed a white face and a normal lovebird (what you
    call Peachface) without any problem whatsoever. Depending
    upon who is the male and who is the female, along with any
    splits that the birds carry, will determine what color
    offspring you will get. If your birds carry a number of
    splits you could get some very new mutations that you never
    had before, or you could get a bunch of normal green babies
    who are split to blue.
    Either way, you can breed these two birds together.