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Re: cleaning the nesst box with eggs?

Posted by GreenLady on 3/26/10
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    On 3/26/10, melinda wrote:
    > my lovebirds had eggs in their nestbox. im very new to this
    > whole thing. The mother has made messes everywhere in their
    > and i really feel its necessary to clean it out before the
    > babies hatch,doesnt seem healthy for them to be born into.
    > What i need to know is, will the mother reject the eggs if i
    > clean out the nest box? im aware shes going to fight me
    > tooth and nail getting near her eggs, but i dont want her to
    > abandon them. please someone tell me what to do. Thanks.

    Melinda, regardless of how you perceive the condition of the
    nest box, it would be best if you left it alone.
    Most lovebird hens will keep the nest box very clean, but
    there are those that are less than fastidious about their
    housekeeping. This will not affect the health of the babies
    in any way.
    Lovebirds can be very temperamental when you mess with their
    eggs and nest box so I would suggest that you wait until the
    babies hatch and are older before you clean the box.