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Post: Inseparable mother & daughter

Posted by Mickie on 5/21/10

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    I have two lovies in one cage, they are mother and
    daughter. I put them together when my male lovie died. The
    mother was lonely so I put here daughter in there for
    company. Now mother and daughter are inseparable and I
    fear that being together is too much for them, they seem
    stressed out and get into fights but they make inmediately.
    I'm worried about then because they act as a couple and
    they play mate caising both of them to lay eggs and they
    do it nonstop. I worry that this is all too much on the
    mother, because she's 11 years old. I have tried
    separating them on side by side cages but they find a
    corner of the cage where they try to feed each other
    through the wires and don't even leave their spot to go to
    sleep at night.
    Last week I put their cages in different places so they
    don't see each and they were so sad I thought they were
    going to die. Can someone help me with some advice as to
    how to separate these two.

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