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Re: Lovebird plucking mate

Posted by GreenLady on 7/18/10
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    On 7/18/10, Bruce wrote:
    > I have two lovebirds one of which is constantly plucking
    > feathers from the smaller birds head. How do I stop this? Is
    > it possible to stop this? Why is the bird doing this?
    > Also, how do you tell which is male or female?? We also have
    > two Parakeets (in their own cage). Could this be causing the
    > behavior?

    Bruce, the only absolute way to determine gender of a
    lovebird or any other non-dimorphic bird is by DNA testing or
    surgical sexing. All of the other methods, regardless of
    what you hear, is simply guessing.

    Lovebirds are notorious for plucking other birds as well as
    themselves, especially when they come into breeding mode,
    although this is not always the case.
    Some will do it from boredom, others because they can!

    Having two parakeets in another cage is not going to cause
    this problem.

    As far as the lovebirds go, make sure they have some toys or
    chewing devices to keep them occupied. This may or may not
    help with the plucking.
    Providing bath water several times per week may also help.