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Re: Impacted crop

Posted by Jenn on 11/28/11
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    How old is it? I'd be concerned, that's a sign of PDD. If I
    were you I'd talk to your vet about it.

    On 11/24/11, Mickie wrote:
    > Please help me, my lovie Trooper has an impacted crop. Food
    > is stuck in his crop and what he eats doesn't go down . It
    > keeps coming back. Been running to Vet all week, Vet empty
    > out the crop the first time and put him on baby formula and
    > some antibiotic for a bacterial infection. He was doing
    > well for a couple of days then I introduced millet to his
    > diet and again he formed a ball in his crop. Today is
    > Thanksgiving and he is back to regurgitating. Has someone
    > had this problem before? The vet is closed today and I want
    > to help him. Can someone help me today? Please!!!!