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Post: Baby lovebirds! Please help!

Posted by Pep on 5/10/12

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    My lovebirds had 9 babies. When i woke to check on them
    yesterday 2 were dead with blood on them, and the rest
    were pushed out of the box.

    I immediately pulled them and put them in a brooder. I
    don't know what would have caused them to kill their

    I am having trouble feeding the chicks. The oldest is
    almost 4 weeks old. The most I can get him to eat is 4
    cc's and thats when hes REALLY hungry, otherwise he will
    only take 2 cc's. The other younger ones are eating the
    bird formula without problems but it seems they want to
    eat TOO much. The crop looks big and full with 3 cc's, but
    everything online tells me that at their age they should
    be eating 4-6 cc's for 15+ days, and 6-10 cc for 24+ days
    old (but it just doesnt seem like the crop will hold that
    much). I dont know if they were being under fed by the
    parents and maybe the crop isnt that stretched yet?

    Does anyone have experience hand feeding lovebirds? how
    much exactly am i supposed to be feeding them?

    Is there any way to get the older chick to eat more then 2
    ccs at a time?

    Should they be gaining a certain amount of weight every
    day? how much? Most of them gained weight but only
    about .10 grams. Three of them didnt gain any weight at
    all, (one being the oldest chick that doesnt want to eat
    the formula)

    Help please, any advice would be very much appreciated.

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